The Center of Intensive Language Teaching (CEIL) ,created in January 2008,is a public institution of Guelma university whose main objective is to meet the increasing need  of students and university staff for learning foreign languages. Thus students from different disciplines eager to improve their foreign language skills can benefit from a training of quality provided by a qualified teaching staff using new teaching methods (adapted to the different levels of students).For further information (click here).

Also, teachers wishing to learn a particular foreign language for specific, scientific or professional purposes will find at the center the appropriate training. For further information (click here).

Moreover, CEIL provides training to extra-academic public seeking to learn foreign languages or better their language skills. (Click here)

Furthermore, CEIL works to meet the specific needs of institutions of the public and private sectors wishing to better the language skills of their employees in their different fields.  (Click here)

Administrative Staff :

-Dr.Belfarhi Ibrahim : Director

-Ait kaci Omar : In charge of pedagogy

-chihi Nabil : Administrative secretary

-Benfatoum Fakia: pedagogical secretary


CEIL provides teaching based on the levels of the European Reference Framework for Languages from A1.1 to B2.3 as far as French is concerned. (Click here)

 General training is organized in sessions spread over 3 months (50 hours divided into   three hours per week) followed  by a final test that qualifies for a certificate level.

The duration of specialized training, by contrast, depends primarily on the applicant's needs.

The Center’s Objectives:

- Providing learners with  a training of quality  with flexible timetables.

- Meeting the expectations of socio-economic operators and ensure a tailor-made training

- Prepare learners to various degrees of foreign language  as defined by the CEFR.

- improving the comprehension skills of students who receive their lessons in French from different disciplines .